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Jessup Wealth Management focuses on...

providing the services of an exclusive wealth family planning office. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of multi-generational family wealth planning. Through Commonwealth Financial Network®, a Registered Investment Adviser, we provide personalized investment management and advice with the utmost privacy.

Our mission is to grow your net worth through detailed planning, insightful strategies, timely execution, and active portfolio management. In addition to offering access to a robust investment platform, our firm has access to a wide range of planning, advisory, trust services, and consolidated reporting, as well as solutions for family education and generational issues. We are unique in the Dayton area because our firm is set up to cater specifically to the needs of high net worth families in a one-stop-shop, while most firms just offer one specific aspect of our value proposition. Jessup Wealth Management offers a cost-efficient way to set up a wealth family planning office with noteworthy industry experience.

It is our goal to earn, through performance, a position at the top of your list of trusted advisors.