As your search for the right financial advisor narrows, there are a few things we’d consider non-negotiable.

    First, make sure you work with a fiduciary (like us). This is finance jargon for an advisory firm that acts in your best interests. Also, confirm your advisor uses a fee-based business model (like us). This means they won’t get paid by a third-party to sell you a service you don’t need. From there, it comes down to finding a match in personality and approach. Let us tell you about ours.

    • Working With JWM

      Every business says customer service is their priority. We can’t speak to how the other guys handle it, but we can tell you this. If you prefer to talk finances over an oat milk latte, we'll have one ready when you arrive. If we’re doing business over video, we'll test our wifi strength before we meet. If it has nothing to do with finance but you need the best mechanic/orthodontist/aquarium guy in town, we will put our efforts into finding you that recommendation. Our keystone is service, and when you work with us, you feel it.

    • Contingency Planning

      At JWM, we practice something we call active wealth management. It means that we are hands-on with your portfolio and it requires that we know you and your financial plan well. Active management means looking ahead and, since we can’t predict the future, making plans for multiple possibilities.

      When the market environment is favorable, we have a plan for that. When the market is unfavorable, yes, we have a plan for that too. We build portfolios around our client’s goals with the ability to adapt to change at the drop of a hat. We have a personalized, documented plan already in place that specifies what actions to take on our clients’ behalf. This is not a common practice, and it’s one we’re proud to offer.

    • Custom Risk Management

      Another arm of active management is in how we manage risk. Something that happens a lot in our industry is an advisory firm meets an investor, assigns them a risk category, and uses a model to manage that category as a whole. It’s even common to contract those management decisions to a third-party.

      Meanwhile, we have independence, resources, and a full-time trader on staff. We do it all in-house, and can raise or lower your risk level in real-time, based on what’s strategic for your plan.

    • Proactive Communication

      There’s a reason we rarely receive panicky calls from our clients. You can count on in-person meetings when you need them, check-in calls, optional video-conferencing, financial education that helps you make empowered decisions, and a lifelong partnership with our team. We also stay on top of the news and proactively reach out to our clients with relevant updates. And we strive to return every call and email the day we receive it.

    • Becoming a Client

      If JWM sounds right for you, we’d love to meet you. Here’s how you can initiate a lifelong financial partnership with our team:

      Schedule a meeting

      Our team member will contact you via phone at the time you scheduled through the link. Our goal is to learn more about your situation and have an in-depth conversation on how we can service your needs.

      After we speak, and if both parties decide to move forward, we will set up an in-person appointment so that you can meet your financial team and get down to business.