Our Philosophy

There are several steps on the way to the top of the mountain and you need to be ready for different situations. Investing has many of the same key attributes as scaling a mountain:

  • Planning is mission critical
  • Planning should be based on the best research available
  • Clear communication with team members reduces mistakes
  • You must have a constant awareness of where you are and where you are going
  • Unforeseen conditions will happen from time to time so contingency planning is critical

The cornerstone of our philosophy is this: There are three major segments of your life that your plan should take into consideration: Family, Finance, and Future. Any plan we conceive with you will address these key segments because balance is a key component to any successful plan.

We also believe that solid research is fundamental to sound financial planning and investment decisions. The goal may be to get to the top of the mountain but research helps to tell us the best route to take. Financial planning is offered through Commonwealth Financial Network® and in our planning process, we will discuss what this means in detail.