How We Do It

The Planning Process

The financial consultants of Jessup Wealth Management through Commonwealth Financial Network® offer financial planning services. Effective planning is critical to long-term success. All of our clients begin the Jessup Wealth Management relationship by going through our planning process, which produces a comprehensive financial plan. The goals of the planning process are simple: to produce a road map for you to pursue your financial goals by integrating investment management with retirement planning, education planning, insurance planning, estate planning, and other related financial issues.

Our goal is to truly understand what you are looking to achieve so that we can develop a customized approach to meet those needs. To that end, we view planning as a fluid process. The end result is not a stand-alone document that decorates a library or an office. It is an ongoing process that requires attention as circumstances and/or goals change.

We are committed to providing the best planning services available. Matt Jessup, principal of Jessup Wealth Management, leads the planning process. His experience helps guide you through the following life planning components:

What are your goals? We want to know your goals as they relate to your family, finances, and future. Family considerations may include college educations, weddings, or sibling involvement in the family business. Finances involve present asset values, income, cash flow, and other holdings. Future considerations, for example, are retirement, business succession, estate planning, and tax mitigation.

We identify and appraise your assets so that we know where you are. We gather and organize all your assets and then run it through a proprietary financial development system. We use sophisticated financial software to analyze the data and provide decision support information to help us produce a comprehensive report that everyone can read, understand, and agree on. We perform Gap Analysis, which identifies the difference between your goals and your assets. This information impacts our investment recommendations. This is the foundation from which we build our plan for you.

Once we have done our due diligence and analyzed all the data, we present a comprehensive plan with options. This document addresses all the major facets of your life and finances and puts you on the road to a balanced, strategic portfolio.

Implementing the plan is the next but not the last step. Transferring your accounts and getting you set up with our on-line resources comes next. Our branch operations manager will come to your home or office and walk you through the steps to see your account online in real time. You can see your account assets and their present value 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

There is no final step in planning. It is a continuous process of monitoring your portfolio, watching the markets and reacting quickly and decisively when opportunities present themselves. We can react quickly because we actively manage your portfolio and we trade almost every day.

We also believe in accountability. We schedule regular performance review meetings so we can review your accounts, quantify our performance and make strategic adjustments if necessary. If this is the type of business relationship you would like to have, please let us know and we will schedule an appointment to come see you at your convenience.